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HOW TO WRITE SCARY by Bea Davenport

  I’m ophidiophobic. If that word’s a new one on you, then enjoy it: it’s a lovely word to say aloud. It means I have a very severe fear of … Continue reading

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My Editing Mountain by Sheena Wilkinson

Originally posted on AUTHOR ALLSORTS:
I love revising. I love feeling that the story now exists and it’s my job to chip away at it and make it as good…

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If you could travel to the setting of any book what would it be? by Rowena House

Smyrna, Ithaca, Troy: just reading the names of these lost cities conjures for me scorched plains and a dazzling sun, azure bays and olive groves, and the bleating of sheep … Continue reading

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A Window to Another World

One of my favourite things about reading (and writing, actually) is getting completely caught up in a brand new world. A gorgeous, vividly described, exciting world. Sometimes fictional worlds are … Continue reading

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Star by Star, by Sheena Wilkinson: Book Birthday Interview by Rachel Ward.

Today Sheena Wilkinson’s new book, Star by Star, is published by Little Island Books. I really enjoyed reading it and admire the way it balances wide-ranging political and social issues … Continue reading

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How to Write Funny  by Mo O’Hara

So we are going to talk  about ‘How to Write Funny’ but more specifically ‘How to Write Funny for Kids.’  (Which I think is harder). Adults will laugh if they … Continue reading

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How To Write Funny by Elli Woollard

Roll up, roll up, and put on your serious faces, because today we are talking about bums, farts, falling over, puns, incongruities and unexpectedness, and huge, whopping, massive, humungous, colossal, … Continue reading

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Which author would you bring back to life if you could, and what would you ask them? by Bryony Pearce

The Late Terry Pratchett   There is one writer whose books I can literally finish, then turn back to page one and start reading again. One writer who never fails … Continue reading

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My Favourite Bookshops by Sarah Baker

I love bookshops. I realise that as an author that might not come as the biggest surprise to you, dear Reader, but I really, really do. I started young, at … Continue reading

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