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School Visits by Emma Carroll

The second best part of being an author, for me, is doing school visits. I absolutely love them. So much so I’m often more excited than the kids (embarrassing but … Continue reading

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That time when my book became a school musical

When I signed up to write this blogpost, I was going to write about my usual school visits. But then something unusual, and completely wonderful happened. I was contacted through … Continue reading

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School Visits and You – advice from Robin Stevens

School visits are one of the strangest parts of an author’s job. Writing books? You signed up for that. Talking about your books at festivals? Not part of your dream author vision, but at least you’re standing in front of an audience of guaranteed bookworms. Talking about your book IN SCHOOLS, in front of a random group of children who might HATE BOOKS? Gulp.

But I am here to tell you that if you do it right, school visits can be not just OK, but absolutely brilliant. I promise! Just follow these tips …

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My Editing Mountain by Sheena Wilkinson

I love revising. I love feeling that the story now exists and it’s my job to chip away at it and make it as good as it can be. But … Continue reading

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Non’s Revision Club

The more years that pass since I was an editor, the less I think I know about editing. How to revise your manuscript? Mate, I’m barely capable of revising my … Continue reading

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How To Revise A Manuscript

Right. Listen Carefully. Revising a manuscript is dead easy. There are just four things you need to do. Write a manuscript. Read the manuscript and change the parts that need … Continue reading

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My TBR Pile by Sarah Baker

My TBR pile doesn’t get any shorter. I do read the books, but I keep adding new ones too, so it always seems to stand around fourteen books high. They’re … Continue reading

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Books on my TBR Pile by Kendra Leighton

  Like many readers, my To-Be-Read pile is constantly changing. I’m good at getting to new books fast (so new! so shiny! so much twitter hype!), but not always so … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Boy by Nikki Sheehan

So, I’m sitting here rather chuffed and pleased with myself. For getting the chance not only to read Goodnight, Boy by Nikki Sheehan before its launch today, but to interview … Continue reading

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