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Avoiding Writing Distractions

So, you want to know how to avoid writing distractions? Ah well, I could tell you, but I’d have to send someone round to do unspeakable things to your garden … Continue reading

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The Game Changing Writing Course

In 2014 my sister forwarded me an email with the header “APPLY FOR THIS!!!” It was about a short residential writing course to be hosted by four publishing professionals. I … Continue reading

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Janet Edwards: Ten Things That A Writing Course Did For Me

In the autumn of 2007, I signed up for a writing class. There are many different types of writing courses to choose from, including online courses, short residential courses in … Continue reading

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Writing Courses by Shirley-Anne McMillan

  I once met a writer who said that they felt they had moved beyond needing to go on writing workshops, and now needed a more professional, more intense writing … Continue reading

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My top three books of 2017 were all by Shirley Jackson

First, the confession: I don’t read a lot of books. The day job is demanding, and I’ve got my own stories to worry about. Also, most of the books I … Continue reading

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My Top 3…No! I can’t!

TOP 3 BOOKS READ IN 2017 Why do I do this to myself? Why do I sign up to do a Top 3 anything? It is TOO HARD! I was … Continue reading

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Book Birthday! FINAL7 by Kerry Drewery – Interviewed by Rowena House

In the final installment of this thrilling dystopian trilogy, Martha and Isaac are on the run, hiding out in the Rises among the poor and powerless. When a wall goes … Continue reading

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My Writing Resolutions, by M. A. Griffin

As I often say when coaching students – I’d rather they have a strong commitment to a small number of actions than a vague and fuzzy sense they might do … Continue reading

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5 Books I Can’t Wait to Read in 2018 – by Kat Ellis

…and one more, because why not? I love how new year seems to wipe the reading slate clean, and the previous year’s sagging TBR shelf loses its power in the … Continue reading

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