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Sheena Wilkinson

sheena charneySheena Wilkinson
Since the publication of the multi-award-winning Taking Flight in 2010, Sheena Wilkinson has been established as one of Ireland’s most acclaimed writers for young people. Grounded won the overall CBI Book of the Year award in 2013, and her new novel Still Falling has been described (Inis Magazine) as ‘heartbreaking and heartwarming…an instant classic’. Sheena lives in County Down.


  • TAKING FLIGHT (New Island Books, 2010)
  • GROUNDED (Little Island, April 2012)
  • TOO MANY PONIES (Little Island, April 2013)
  • STILL FALLING (Little Island, February 2015)
  • NAME UPON NAME (Little Island, August 2015)


    TAKING FLIGHT by Sheena Wilkinson

    Moving from a harsh West Belfast estate to the glamour of the showjumping ring, Taking Flight is a fast-paced story of courage overcoming jealousy. The only riding fifteen-year-old Declan has ever done is joyriding. When he’s forced to stay with his snobby cousin ‘Princess’ Vicky, he’s shocked to find himself falling in love with horses. Vicky would do anything to keep this grubby hood away from her precious showjumper, Flight. Populated with courageous and vibrant characters, Taking Flight is a brilliant debut from an exciting new writer. (more)

    “This masterfully structured narrative suggests, in an unsentimental manner, that the inner struggle to understand oneself can be redemptive.”— Judges, Bisto Children’s Book of the Year Awards 

    15698391GROUNDED (Declan Kelly #2) by Sheena Wilkinson

    The follow-up to Sheena Wilkinson’s debut, ‘Taking Flight’. Two years on, with Flight sold, Declan is facing some major decisions. He loves Seaneen but knows he’d leave her if it meant a dream career working with horses. But when he is offered the job of his dreams at a top showjumping yard in Germany, he is torn.(more)

    “Wilkinson portrays complicated situations with nuanced truth and spare elegance.’” — Kirkus Reviews

    TMPTOO MANY PONIES by Sheena Wilkinson

    Rosevale is a sanctuary for abandoned and abused horses, but Aidan’s family can’t afford to run it any longer. If Rosevale closes down, though, what is going to happen to all the horses that are looked after there?

    Then Lucy comes up with a super idea: there’s a cross-country competition offering an unbelievable prize of £5,000. Can they possibly muster a team that is good enough to beat the posh stables and win the competition? Not without Aidan’s help – but Aidan has lost his nerve and is terrified of riding.
    The future of Rosevale is at stake. Aidan is going to have to help. He can’t – but he just has to…

    “An exciting read for lovers of horses and underdog stories.” — Inis magazine

    Still-Falling-Cover-461x708STILL FALLING by Sheena Wilkinson

    ‘The rain was still falling, but the dark had parted…’
    F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

    Luke falls. He has epilepsy. And, as it turns out, he has much bigger issues too.

    Esther falls. In love. It’s wonderful – but there’s a shadow that she can’t identify and she can’t make go away just by loving Luke.

    Luke’s experience has taught him to despise himself; Esther’s self-belief is fragile. And love is not as easy as it looks. Will they be still falling at the end of term?

    A story about the struggle it can be to love someone who doesn’t love themselves – and why it’s worth it. (more)

    “Sheena Wilkinson has triumphed again.” — Armadillo magazine


    NAME UPON NAME by Sheena Wilkinson

    Belfast in 1916. Fourteen-year-old Helen is shaped by her mixed background – rural, Catholic Irish values from her mother; urban, Protestant Ulster values from her father. Helen’s older cousins are her idols: Sandy, who joined the army straight from school and has already seen action in France, and Michael, who runs away from home to enlist. But before he leaves for France, Michael is deployed to Dublin to help quell the Rising, where he’s expected to open fire on his fellow Irishmen, and Sandy writes home about terrible things on the front. What exactly are they fighting for? (more)

    “It’s a must read. As in you must read it. Preferably now.” – Deirdre Sullivan, author of the Prim series and Needlework


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