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Sarah Crossan

IMG_0553Sarah Crossan
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Sarah Crossan writes novels for children and teens. Her debut novel in verse, The Weight of Water, was shortlisted for the Carnegie medal in 2013. Breathe was nominated for the Carnegie medal in 2014. Before writing full time, Sarah worked as an English teacher. She grew up in Ireland and England and then moved to New York, where she lived for seven years. She now lives in Hertfordshire with her family where she spends most of her day writing, sipping green tea and eating far too many biscuits.


  • THE WEIGHT OF WATER (Bloomsbury, December 2011)
  • BREATHE (Bloomsbury, October 2012)
  • RESIST (Bloomsbury, October 2013)
  • APPLE AND RAIN (Bloomsbury, August 2014)
  • ONE (Bloomsbury, August 2015)
  • WE COME APART (Bloomsbuury, 2017) with Brian Monaghan

11409124THE WEIGHT OF WATER by Sarah Crossan

Armed with a suitcase and an old laundry bag filled with clothes, Kasienka and her mother head for England. Life is lonely for Kasienka. At home her mother’s heart is breaking and at school friends are scarce. But when someone special swims into her life, Kasienka learns that there might be more than one way for her to stay afloat.”The Weight of Water” is a startlingly original piece of fiction; most simply a brilliant coming of age story, it also tackles the alienation experienced by many young immigrants. Moving, unsentimental and utterly page-turning, we meet and share the experiences of a remarkable girl who shows us how quiet courage prevails. (more)

“…this is a wrenching but hopeful story of displacement, loneliness, and survival… Crossan’s verse packs a punch as she examines the power that difference—but also determination—can wield” — STARRED REVIEW* Publishers Weekly

13541378BREATHE by Sarah Crossan

When oxygen levels plunge in a treeless world, a state lottery decides which lucky few will live inside the Pod. Everyone else will slowly suffocate. Years after the Switch, life inside the Pod has moved on. A poor Auxiliary class cannot afford the oxygen tax which supplies extra air for running, dancing and sports. The rich Premiums, by contrast, are healthy and strong. Anyone who opposes the regime is labelled a terrorist and ejected from the Pod to die. Sixteen-year-old Alina is part of the secret resistance, but when a mission goes wrong she is forced to escape from the Pod. With only two days of oxygen in her tank, she too faces the terrifying prospect of death by suffocation. Her only hope is to find the mythical Grove, a small enclave of trees protected by a hardcore band of rebels. Does it even exist, and if so, what or who are they protecting the trees from? A dystopian thriller about courage and freedom, with a love story at its heart. (more)

“The all-action plot and hinted-at romantic triangle will keep the reader’s interest to the end” — Irish Examiner

17451559RESIST (BREATHE #2) by Sarah Crossan

Resistance to the Pod Leadership has come apart. The Grove has been destroyed but so has the Pod Minister. Quinn, Bea and Alina separately must embark on a perilous journey across the planet’s dead landscape in search of the rumoured resistance base Sequoia. Meanwhile the Pod Minister has been succeeded by his capricious daughter. Her brother, Ronan, is supposed to advise her, but his doubts about the regime lead to him being sent out of the Pod in search of Quinn. In a world in which the human race is adapting to survive with little air, the stakes are high. (more)

“intelligent and absorbing” — Kirkus Reviews


APPLE AND RAIN by Sarah Crossan

When Apple’s mother returns after eleven years away, Apple feels whole again. But just like the stormy Christmas Eve when she left, her mother’s homecoming is bittersweet. It’s only when Apple meets someone more lost than she is that she begins to see things as they really are.

A story about sad endings.
A story about happy beginnings.
A story to make you realise who is special. (more)

“Movingly, ridiculously good.” — Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike

25366338ONE by Sarah Crossan

Grace and Tippi are twins – conjoined twins.

And their lives are about to change.

No longer able to afford homeschooling, they must venture into the world – a world of stares, sneers and cruelty. Will they find more than that at school? Can they find real friends? And what about love?

But what neither Grace or Tippi realises is that a heart-wrenching decision lies ahead. A decision that could tear them apart. One that will change their lives even more than they ever imagined…

From Carnegie Medal shortlisted author Sarah Crossan, this moving and beautifully crafted novel about identity, sisterhood and love ultimately asks one question: what does it mean to want and have a soulmate? (more)

“This book… Beautiful.” — Keris Stainton, author of Della Says: OMG

Coming soon: WE COME APART by Brian Monaghan and Sarah Crossan

The story of Nicu and Jess, whose paths cross when they meet while on probation. Nicu has emigrated from Romania and is struggling to find his place in his new home, while Jess’s home life is overshadowed by violence; friendship and romance grows between them.




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