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Katy Moran

KatyphotoKaty Moran
Katy wrote her first novel at the age of 10 (a fantasy epic, of course), and grew up to work in a bookshop, followed by 2 different publishing houses before ending up as a desk editor at Scholastic Children’s Books. She jumped ship in early 2007 and her first novel, Bloodline, was published in 2008. Her latest book, Hidden Among Us, was published in March 2013 with a sequel to follow in 2014.


  • BLOODLINE (Walker, March 2008)
  • BLOODLINE RISING (Walker, March 2009)
  • SPIRIT HUNTER (Walker, June 2010)
  • DANGEROUS TO KNOW (Walker, 2011)
  • HIDDEN AMONG US (Walker, March 2013)
  • THE HIDDEN PRINCESS (Walker, 2014)


    BLOODLINE by Katy Moran

    Warring kingdoms, bloody feuds and a battle for survival… Step back into the Dark Ages with this riveting, epic adventure from a debut writer.

    Set in Dark Ages Britain, this is the story of Essa, whose father Cai leaves him behind one night at a settlement of the Wolf Clan. When the settlement is under threat from cruel Mercian bands across the forests, Essa finds he can influence the outcome of the ensuing battle in a way nobody but his father would understand. (more)

    “A bleak tale from a harsh time, told with elegance and graceful mystical overtones … impressive debut” — Kirkus Reviews



    A gripping tale of cunning young criminals, notorious thieves and a ruthless barbarian assassin set in Constantinople in the Dark Ages. The breath-taking second title in Katy Moran’s Bloodline series.

    The Ghost is the fastest, most cunning young criminal in Constantinople. Skilled at lying and deceit, he has the power to twist the minds of men, bending them to his will. He is both invisible and invincible. Or at least he thinks so – until he is captured and sent to Britain. (more)

    “An excellent, well written novel that makes a lasting impression” — Books for Keeps 

    7855201SPIRIT HUNTER (BLOODLINE #3) by Katy Moran

    On the dangerous Silk Road – the age-old trade route that runs all the way from Europe to China – a young woman, Asena, is captured by a Shaolin devotee, Swiftarrow. Asena is taken to the ancient city of Peking, where she is forced to begin her life anew and learn the ways of the Shaolin. But just as love blossoms between Asena and her captor, a deadly political game threatens to ruin not only their feelings for each other, but also their lives. (more)

    “Epic… Exciting.” — The Independent 

    10394711DANGEROUS TO KNOW by Katy Moran

    Alex and Bethany are just two teenagers in love. There’s only one problem: Alex’s family has a dark past, and whilst he and Bethany are desperate to be together, Bethany’s family is desperate to keep them apart.(more)

    “This is an emotional and immensely readable story for young people, set in an environment they will instantly recognise and understand, and the author has called on her personal experiences to make it allc redible.” — The Shropshire Star

    13552772HIDDEN AMONG US by Katy Moran

    When Lissy meets a mysterious and strangely beautiful boy on her way to Hopesay Edge, she is deeply unsettled by their encounter.

    She discovers that the boy, Larkspur, is a member of the Hidden, an ancient group of elven people, whose secrets lie buried at Hopesay Reach. Before long, Lissy and her brother Rafe find themselves caught by a powerful magic and fighting to escape a bargain that can never be broken. (more)

    Hidden Among Us closes just as the eye of the storm falls upon the characters, trapping them within a temporary peace that they are fully aware cannot last. It offers no easy solutions and no pasted on happily ever afters. It’s a wonderful, truly unique book.” — Zoe Marriot, author of The Swan Kingdom


    One destiny rules two worlds in this gripping fantasy thriller.

    For five years, the Gateway has been closed and Hidden and mortals kept apart. For five years, Connie has believed her older sister dead. And for five years, Lissy has been the Swan King’s captive. But every day the Swan King’s power grows stronger and his thirst for vengeance greater. If Lissy is to keep the people she loves safe, she must risk everything by facing up to her birthright and fulfilling her hidden destiny… A fast-paced, atmospheric and chillingly beautiful novel about love, family and loyalty. (more)


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