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Isabel Atherton

Book jacket picIsabel Atherton
ISABEL ATHERTON is an author, literary agent, and director of Creative Authors Ltd. When she is not helping her authors she likes to write illustrated books herself. She is the author of ZOMBIE CAT, an illustrated adult humor book (for Skyhorse Publishing), SMELLY GHOST, THE BAD EASTER BUNNY, SPRINGY CHICKEN and RUBY MOO’S DEEP SEA ADVENTURE, all children’s picture books (Sky Pony titles). She lives in downtown Manhattan with her husband and little black pug, Rosie.


  • THE BAD EASTER BUNNY, illustrated by Stephanie Rohr (Sky Pony Press, February 2013)
  • SMELLY GHOST, illustrated by Bethany Straker (Sky Pony Press, September 2013)
  • SPRINGY CHICKEN, illustrated by Bethany Straker (Sky Pony Press, February 2014)
  • RUBY MOO’S DEEP SEA ADVENTURE, illustrated by Bethany Straker (Sky Pony Press, September 2014)

    15899046THE BAD EASTER BUNNY by Isabel Atherton and Stéphanie Röhr

    Every spring the Easter Bunny frolics through every neighbourhood in every city to hand out candy and toys to children. The problem is he feels a total lack of gratitude from them. He’s getting sadder and sadder, and in turn his once bright-pink fur has gone a depressing shade of blue. His fur really does reflect how he is feeling inside. When a group of highly excitable children knock him to the ground, he sees all of the colors of the rainbow and settles on a hopping red color. The Easter Bunny is furious! He’s tired for being taken for granted and has decided to become the Bad Easter Bunny.  (more)

    “Great twist in the conclusion sprinkled with a hint of darkness throughout the storyline. An excellent take on the traditional theme of the Easter Bunny.” — Philippa Rae, author of Count the Sheep to Sleep

    17592617SMELLY GHOST by Isabel Atherton and Bethany Straker

    In Spooky Town, there live many ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and scary creatures. However, none of these creepy characters wants to play with a particular ghost—Smelly Ghost. The reason is simple: Smelly Ghost only consumes frightening junk food. He devours bone chips, chocolate toes, and eyeball pizza. Sadly, these foods make his tummy growl and yell—keeping everyone far, far away. Devastated, Smelly Ghost wonders why no one wants to be his friend. (more)

    “If you have a stubborn eater this book is super cute and will hopefully get them to make better choices when it comes to eating ‘creepy food.'” — Everything Mom and Baby

    18211038SPRINGY CHICKEN by Isabel Atherton and Bethany Straker

    Martha’s the tallest chicken on the farm—and it’s not because she hit a growth spurt. Unfortunately, instead of normal chicken legs to hold her up, Martha’s legs are two giant yellow springs. After a run-in with a nasty fox, the farmer does the best he can to fix poor Martha, but it just isn’t the same. Now, she’s too tall to fit inside the chicken coop like all the other hens, her eggs are always smashed and scrambled since she’s so high off the ground, and it’s difficult to maneuver such big legs without stepping on a few toes and ruffling some feathers. But when the fox comes back, can Martha and her spring-legs muster the courage to save the day? Will that be enough for the brood to welcome her back?

    Featuring an empowering story of acceptance from author Isabel Atherton, and bold, colorful illustrations by Bethany Straker, Springy Chicken celebrates that we all have something special to offer. (more)

    20344706RUBY MOO’S DEEP-SEA ADVENTURE by Isabel Atherton and Bethany Straker

    Ruby Moo has always been different from the other cows. She isn’t content making yogurt, milk, and cheese on the dairy farm. Ruby wants to be an astronaut, an explorer, and, more than anything, she wants to be the first cow deep-sea diver. So one day, brave Ruby Moo stows away on a van and rides it all the way to the ocean. Borrowing a helmet, she dives right into the water and discovers an exciting shipwreck along with a scary, giant squid! Thankfully, the squid is only looking for a chess partner—and maybe someone to play with on his trampoline. Phew! (more)

    “A great little picture book bursting with energy.” — Kate Louise, author of The Upside-Down Fish 

    Isabel Atherton has also written ZOMBIE CAT: THE TALE OF A DECOMPOSING KITTY, an adult picture book illustrated by Bethany Straker.




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