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Emma Haughton

UntitledEmma Haughton

Emma Haughton grew up in Sussex; after a stint au pairing in Paris and some half-hearted attempts to backpack across Europe, she studied English at university and trained as a journalist. She wrote articles for many of the national newspapers, including regular pieces for the Times Travel section.

Her first fiction was a picture book called Rainy Day, followed by a number of non-fiction books for schools. Her first YA thriller, Now You See Me, was published in 2014 and nominated for the Carnegie and the Amazing Book Awards. Her second, Better Left Buried, was picked by the Sunday Express as one of the best YA reads for 2015. Her third novel – Cruel Heart Broken – was published in July, 2016.


  • NOW YOU SEE ME (Usborne, May 2014)
  • BETTER LEFT BURIED (Usborne, May 2015)
  • CRUEL HEART BROKEN (Usborne, July 2016)

    20743080NOW YOU SEE ME by Emma Haughton

    Three years ago, thirteen-year-old Danny Geller vanished without trace.

    His family and friends are still hanging on to every last shred of hope. Not knowing if he’s alive or dead, their world is shrouded in shadows, secrets and suspicions.

    This is the story of what happens when hope comes back to haunt you. When your desperation is used against you. When you search for the truth – but are too scared to accept the reality staring you in the face…

    A mesmerizing psychological thriller with the most incredible twist you’ll read all year. (more)

    “This is a thrilling, pacey read that grips you right from the start.” — Eve Ainsworth, author of 7 Days

    22815671BETTER LEFT BURIED by Emma Haughton

    Brother dead.
    Best friend missing.
    House ransacked.
    Stalked by a stranger.
    Attacked in the street…

    …And Sarah has no idea why.

    She never knew her brother was hiding a dark secret when he died. But now his reckless actions have led the wolves to her door. And the only way out is to run. (more)

    ” A really pacey, satisfying thriller.” — Kendra Leighton, author of Glimpse 

    Coming soon: CRUEL HEART BROKEN by Emma Haughton


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