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Clara Vulliamy

claraPortraitClara Vulliamy
I was born in London, daughter of author illustrator Shirley Hughes and architect John Vulliamy. My first experience of making pictures was being allowed to use up my Mum’s paints at the end of the day, which was like scraping the icing out of the bowl after baking.
I studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art, The Ruskin and The Royal Academy. After graduating I began illustrating in newspapers and magazines, and doing a weekly cartoon in The Guardian. I started writing and illustrating children’s books when I had a family of my own, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve made around 30 books, including The Bear with Sticky Paws, Lucky Wish Mouse and Martha and the Bunny Brothers.
I live in Twickenham with my husband, our two grown-up children and a gang of cheeky guinea pigs.


  • THE BEAR WITH STICKY PAWS series (Orchard Books, out now)
  • LUCKY WISH MOUSE series (Orchard Books, out now)
  • MIFFIN series (Orchard Books, out now)
  • MARTHA AND THE BUNNY BROTHERS series (Harper Collins, out now)
  • BUBBLE AND SQUEAK, written by James Mayhew (Orchard Books, May 2013)


  • DIXIE O’DAY: IN THE FAST LANE, written by Shirley Hughes (Random House, August 2013)
  • DIXIE O’DAY AND THE GREAT DIAMOND ROBBERY, written by Shirley Hughes (Random House, August 2014)
  • DIXIE O’DAY: UP, UP AND AWAY, written by Shirley Hughes (Random House, March 2015)
  • DIXIE O’DAY AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE, written by Shirley Hughes (Random House, September 2015)
  • MANGO & BAMBANG: THE NOT-A-PIG, written by Polly Faber (Walker Books, September 2015)

imagesDIXIE O’DAY by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vullimay

Introducing Dixie O’Day and also, of course, his friend Percy! This dashing duo are always getting into adventures – here they enter the All-Day Car Race little knowing what is ahead of them! Dixie and Percy run into all sorts of peril, as does their arch enemy, Lou Ella. But who will win, and will Lou Ella get her comeuppance?(more)

“The first in a witty and beautifully designed series for emerging readers. Vulliamy’s crisp, lively images – black and white, with a single colour on every page, plus diagrams and comical details – deserve to be savoured” — The Sunday Times

18803651DIXIE O’DAY AND THE GREAT DIAMOND ROBBERY by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy

Dixie O’Day and his best friend Percy are off on holiday, and drive straight into adventure!

Peaches Miaow, the fabulous pop star, has her pricelss diamond necklace stolen from the Hotel Splendide in the crime of the century. Can Dixie and Percy track down the sinister figures at the heart of the mystery?

Pack your bags for a thrilling trip filled with glamourpusses, cat burglars and seaside fun in this gorgeous chapter book with a chapter for each night of the week, as well as plenty of exciting extra material.(more)

9781782300243DIXIE O’DAY: UP, UP AND AWAY by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy

Dixie, Percy and their new friend, Ariel, are off on an adventure in the clouds. Making a speedy getaway from their archenemy Lou Ella, they find themselves soaring away in a hot-air balloon! But there are stormy skies ahead…

Be swept away with Dixie and Percy in an action-packed airborne escapade from mother-daughter pairing Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy. These first chapter books have one chapter for each night of the week and are full of maps, extra activities, and everything needed to empower a new reader. (more)

9781782300144-largeDIXIE O’DAY AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy

A dark and stormy night, a camping trip gone awry, and an old house which looks like it might be … haunted?

Dixie and Percy need to stick together in this mysterious adventure full of scrapes, peril, and spooky goings-on!

These first chapter books from mother-daughter pairing Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy have one chapter for each night of the week and are full of maps, and fun extra activities. (more)

Coming soon: MANGO & BAMBANG: THE NOT-A-PIG by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy 

13625017MARTHA AND THE BUNNY BROTHERS by Clara Vulliamy

Starting school has never been so fun! The first in an exuberant, feel-good new series from Clara Vulliamy. I Heart School is pure sunshine in picture book format, every page will make you smile!

The Big News in the launch title of this joy-filled new series is that it’s Martha’s first day of school! It’s all so exciting! She needs to choose the perfect first-day-at-school outfit and decide what to pack in her new school bag, which is proving quite tricky…

Trouble is, she may be able to take her snowdome and her fairy wings and her scooter, but she has to leave behind her two not-so-happy little bunny brothers… (more)

“Sunshiny sugar coated perfection in book form.” — Booksniffer 

I-Heart-Bedtime-Cover-1I HEART BEDTIME by Clara Vulliamy

Martha is excited because her BEST babysitter, Grace-next-door, is coming to look after them. But first, she needs to get her bunny brothers to go to sleep – and that’s not easy! What IS a brilliant bunny sister to do? Maybe the Bedtime Bunnies Song will help?

A beautifully positive and happy book starring the irresistible Martha, her bunny brothers Monty and Pip, and their puppy, Paws. (more)

“I love the message of siblings loving and taking care of each other.” — Keris Stainton, author of Della Says: OMG 

063018-fc222I HEART HOLIDAYS by Clara Vulliamy

Martha and her Bunny Brothers are back, and they’re going on holiday! The third title in the exuberant, feel-good new series from Clara Vulliamy. Pure fun in picture book form!

Come on a splashy, sunny holiday with Martha and her Bunny Brothers! They’re off to the seaside… but how do you have fun when you have two Bunny Brothers to please? Just ask Martha – she always sees the sunny side!

Young readers will adore the detailed illustrations, and the whole family can enjoy the delightful read-aloud qualities of this story all about the joy of togetherness.

Another beautifully happy and positive book from Clara Vulliamy to follow I Heart School and I Heart Bedtime. (more)

17795437BUBBLE & SQUEAK by James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy

Meet Bubble – the elegant, awe-inspiring, gravity defying elephant – famous performer of The Pyramid of Peril!

She has fame and fortune but there’s just one thing she longs for… a friend.

Luckily for Bubble, friendships can come in all shapes and sizes.

The much-loved and bestselling James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy have created two wonderful new picture book characters Bubble and Squeak – a perfect pair with flair. (more)

“Two major figures in the children’s literature world come together on this loveable book. Bold colours, beautiful scenes and a gentle tale of unexpected friendship will make this an instant family favourite.” — Booktrust


Explore Muffin’s world and meet his two adorable friends, Flora and Fizz. With stories that children will understand along with colourful, appealing artwork, Muffin is set to become a firm favourite among pre-schoolers.

Today is a special day in Muffin’s world – it’s Flora and Fizz’s birthday and they’re going to have a party. Join Muffin as he sets off for the party and gives his friends a very special birthday surprise. (more)

“The story will ahve an immediate appeal to young children who enjoy the gentle humour of the visual joke and nthe simple language which is surprisingly resonant.” — Carousel 

15061560MUFFIN AND THE EXPEDITION by Clara Vulliamy

Meet Muffin – the yummiest small brown bear!

Today, Muffin is going on an adventure! But where is he off to? And what will he find when he gets there? This delightful new character is bound to capture the hearts of readers everywhere. With delightfully young storylines, and beautiful, bold, and simple artwork, Muffin is set to become a firm favorite among preschoolers. (more)

15809355MUFFIN: BEDTIME CUDDLES by Clara Vulliamy

Cuddle up at bedtime with Muffin, the yummiest small brown bear.

It’s Muffin’s bedtime, and he’s looking for a cuddle. But his toys aren’t soft enough to hug, and the chicks are already fast asleep. Will Muffin ever find a cuddle that feels just right? Little hands will enjoy the touch-and-feel as they help him search. An interactive board book for young children to explore, by the talented author and illustrator Clara Vulliamy. (more)


MUFFIN: HIDE AND SEEK by Clara Vulliamy

Muffin is playing hide-and-seek with his friends. Lift the flaps to help him! Young children will discover animals to count, sounds to make, and warm, friendly characters. (more)

“Muffin Hide and Seek is a super fun adventure book that is a joy to read an explore. The illustrations are simply fantastic and we couldn’t wait to see what we were going to uncover next. The very best thing about this has to be the gorgeous friendship between Muffin, Flora and Fizz.” — Little Fiction Fascination 


In this first story, the Lucky Wish Mouse and her ten tiny charges are getting ready for Christmas but the Christmas tree is bare and the money pot is empty.

“We’ll think of something,” says the ever-resourceful Lucky Wish Mouse . . . but then the tiniest Tiny sets out into the dark cold night to try and find the magic of Christmas and, in the ensuing adventure, she not only brings back ten everlasting snow flakes to decorate the tree but also one of the true meanings of Christmas: that it’s a time to spend with your loved ones. (more)

“these, sparkly pretty books also delight in all things miniature, offer reassurance and encourage creativity” — Sunday Times

13229958LUCKY WISH MOUSE: BEST FRIENDS by Clara Vulliamy

A touching story of learning to play together in a group, this book includes a tiny toy Lucky Wish Mouse, always ready to offer a sprinkle of cheer-up magic.

It’s a lovely sunny day on Sugar Lump Lane, and the Lucky Wish Mouse and her tiny tiny charges are busy playing together—except one little mouse has no one to play with. But Lucky Wish Mouse has a joyful plan to make sure no one is left out, as she brings all her little charges together for a wonderful ten Tinies musical extravaganza! This delightful story has a useful message about playing nicely and detailed illustrations of a world full of tiny things that children will love to explore. (more)

“These enchanting storybook mice offer a tiny message of confidence and encouragement to every reader.” — Shirley Hughes, OBE

10410412LUCKY WISH MOUSE: SWEET DREAMS by Clara Vulliamy

A delightful night-time story to enthrall and reassure little ones everywhere.

A delightfully reassuring bedtime tale with engaging storytelling, exquisite illustrations, and a gentle message It’s night time on Sugar Lump Lane, and the 10 Tinies should be getting ready for bed, but one Tiny has lost her special blanket and another is nowhere to be found. Now they are all too frightened to sleep! Fortunately Lucky Wish Mouse knows just how to calm her little ones and fill their night time with the sweetest of sweet dreams. (more)

“A wonderful book, executed in delectable clear colours. Magical and reassuring. A perfect bedtime story.” — The Daily Telegraph


A charming story about starting school to reassure little ones everywhere.
It’s an exciting morning on Sugar Lump Lane as the 10 Tinies are getting ready for a big adventure—their first day at school. But the Tiny twins aren’t so sure they like the idea, they’d rather stay at home. For all parents looking for the “just right” book for that important day, this delightful story about first day at school worries is told with warmth and humor. (more)

“Helps to reassure that starting school is fun.” — Bournemouth Daily Echo 

2461616THE BEAR WITH STICKY PAWS by Clara Vulliamy

A fantastic and fun duo and feisty new girl character, from highly acclaimed author and illustrator, Clara Vulliamy.

When Pearl is visited by a naughty young bear, fun and chaos follow, and sticky paws everywhere. The return of Pearl’s mum sees order restored and, as the day comes to an end, Pearl and the bear’s adventure is over – for now. (more)

“This book looks delicious.” — Philip Pullman, best-selling author of His Dark Materials 


This Bear with Sticky Paws deals with first day at school nerves and comes with a reward chart and reward stickers for free!

Lily doesn’t want to go to school, she wants to stay home. Then ding-dong! A little, white, bear is at the door and he invites Lily to Bear School! Once they arrive at Bear School nothing is the same as Lily’s school. At Bear School Lily and the bear play instruments too loudly and make big messes painting and making snacks. The little, white bear won’t share and he wants EVERYTHING! Maybe Bear School isn’t for Lily after all. Readers will enjoy counting the paintings, instruments and snacks at Bear School. The lovable duo from The Bear with Sticky Paws is back in this boisterous story about imaginative play! (more)


The Bear with Sticky Paws is back for more anarchic fun before bed, in this vibrant and beautifully illustrated book from Clara Vulliamy.

Lily is wide awake and doesn’t want to go to sleep. I won’t lie down, I won’t shut my eyes, I want to play NOW, she says. Then ding-dong! Lily’s friend, the bear with sticky paws, arrives and he isn’t ready for bed either. PARTY TIME, he cries and he whisks Lily around the world for a special celebration with sticky paws everywhere! But as they celebrate, Lily becomes sleepier and sleepier… The lovable duo from The Bear with Sticky Paws and The Bear with Sticky Paws Goes to School is back in this imaginative bedtime story! (more)


Another fabulously fun and reassuring story about the Bear with Sticky Paws.

Pearl has a new baby brother and she’s not at all sure about him – SHE wants to be the baby! But when Pearl is joined by her anarchic side-kick, the bear, she realizes that maybe her little brother isn’t too bad after all. (more)

“A happy book to share with all the family.” — Books For Keeps 



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