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C. J. Harper/Candy Harper

candy hat2C. J. Harper
CJ Harper grew up in a tiny house with a big family. She is the fourth of five sisters, which means she still eats with her arm shielding her plate. There are enough Children’s and YA books in CJ’s house to build a fort with. But she absolutely hasn’t ever skived off work to do that.


  • THE DISAPPEARED (Simon and Schuster, January 2013)
  • THE WILDERNESS (Simon and Schuster, March 2014)
  • HAVE A LITTLE FAITH (Simon and Schuster, August 2013)
  • KEEP THE FAITH (Simon and Schuster, April 2014)
  • PERFECTLY ELLA (Simon and Schuster, April 2015)
  • LEAP OF FAITH (Simon and Schuster, December 2015)

15718367THE DISAPPEARED by C.J. Harper

In a future where children are segregated into institutions that range from comfortable ‘Learning Communities’ to prison-like ‘Local Academies’, 17-year-old Jackson is an academic high flyer, living in a top Learning Community and destined for a position in the Leadership. But when he is sent with his best friend Wilson to deliver a package to a factory block, the two boys are attacked leaving Jackson badly beaten and Wilson dead. Confused and upset, Jackson returns to his Learning Community only to be dismissed by his teachers who claim not to know him. Sent to an Academy, Jackson finds himself immersed in a world that couldn’t be further removed than the one he’s used to. (more)

“Unputdownable. Can’t wait for the next one.” — Sarah Naughton, author of The Hanged Man Rises



On the run after the uprising at the Academy, Blake and Kay have ended up with the criminals and the crazies in the place of childhood nightmares, the Wilderness. Here, in a ghost city, they find a bloodthirsty captain training a ruthless Resistance who are everything Blake has hoped for, except for one thing: they’re a bunch of kids. Blake thinks he can use the Resistance’s plans to get close enough to kill his father, The Leader, ending his brutal and bloody treatment of the underclass. Simple. But what Blake discovers about his father and the devastating methods of the Resistance is anything by simple. Who is controlling the country? And who can he really trust? (more)

“I really, really liked it!” — Bookaholics Book Club

16280557HAVE A LITTLE FAITH by Candy Harper

Being fourteen is a minefield: with fashion dilemmas, teacher trauma, embarrassing parents and boy drama, Faith is just hoping to make it through Year Ten without too many disasters. But when she and her best friend Megs sign up to take part in an inter-school choir with the local boys comprehensive, Faith’s life gets even more complicated… just how is she supposed to concentrate on becoming the next Cheryl Cole when she’s trying to understand how teenage boys’ minds work? (more)

“Utterly charming and hilarious, this had me roaring with laughter and reading out whole pages to whoever was nearby.” — Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike

18114649KEEP THE FAITH (FAITH #2) by Candy Harper

Get ready for boy dilemmas, friendship dramas and madcap grannies – Faith is back!
Will Faith make up her mind between the gorgeous Finn and the lovely Ethan and manage to get herself a real-life boyfriend? Will Mrs Cox finally get off her case and recognise Faith’s true genius? Will Faith’s family learn how to be normal, non-embarrassing people? Will Faith and her BFFs beat the world record for number of biscuits eaten in a minute?
All these questions and more will be answered in the hilarious next installment of this brilliant new series from Candy Harper! (more)

“I LOVE these books – they’re hilarious and pitch-perfect.” — Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike

strawberrysi_paperback_1471124177_300PERFECTLY ELLA by Candy Harper

Meet the Strawberry Sisters! Oldest sister Amelia wants to be Left Alone to have deep thoughts, so she’s grown a fringe to hide under. Second up is Chloe who’s sport-crazy and in training to be a wrestling star (this week anyway). Littlest sister Lucy is the cute one who’s training an army of earwigs. Then there’s Ella. The middle one who’s still trying to work out what makes her “perfectly Ella” and how to stand out in a house full of big personalities. And now there’s a new Strawberry Sister. Baby Kirsti who lives with Dad and his Finnish girlfriend. Along with her sisters and one very tired Mum who’s struggling to keep it all together, Ella’s small home is crammed with almost-finished homework, nearly-clean jumpers and a vampire bunny called Buttercup. With so much going on, life can sometimes feel totally crazy but the Strawberry sisters have a secret weapon against the craziness of the world they live in, each other. (more)

Perfectly Ella is perfectly lovely.” — Luna’s Little Library 

28245152LEAP OF FAITH (FAITH #3) by Candy Harper

I haven’t had a very good Easter holiday. It’s hard to hop about like a happy bunny when the boy you like has started seeing someone else. And while we’re on the subject, why is it always the wrong boy who ends up confessing his undying love to you? Talk about awkward.

My BFF is being weird and refusing to come on the French Exchange – when she should know that this is exactly when I need her the most. Mrs RamsBOTTOM is trying to sabotage my plans to be prefect, my arch nemesis Icky is still intent on ruining my life and I’m pretty sure exams should be outlawed. I’m going to have to work pretty hard if I want to spend several hours a day lounging about, eating biscuits. . . (more)

“I absolutely adore these books!” — The Dark Dictator

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