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Blood and Bone and Sacrifice, by Fox Benwell

My favourite Christmas stories are the stories which remember.

The ones full of the Christmas Spirit, if you will. The tales of Winters Past. But I don’t mean this in the schmaltzy Hallmark sense. I want my stories deep.

I want stories which show us the darkness. Because how else do you survive the winter if you don’t know how to look it in the eye?

I want stories which remember humanity: that show us everything we can be. Tales which help remind us to be better.

I want blood, and bone, and sacrifice.

I want to remember that we’ve all been here before. A touch of history, a nod to times both lush and barren. I want to mark the footsteps through from dawn of time to childhoods of our own. I want know our ghosts – for better or for worse – are sitting close and listening, and that they might still reach us.

There’s a reason we speak stories out against the night, and it’s never clearer than it is at Christmas.

We speak them to remember.



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