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Doing Twitter Terribly by Bethany Straker

I am terrible at Twitter. There. I can imagine being good at social media, but I break all the rules of successfully building up connections and followers and somehow fall flat. Are there rules to being a successful social media user? If there are, I don’t follow them…


  1. Be Hilarious.

Some people have jokes pouring from them, and document their lives with humour and pithy one-liners perfect for twitter. I might think of the odd mildly amusing anecdote, but describing it with limited space and then realising it’s probably something you had to be there for means I tend to avoid trying to be funny.


  1. Post hundreds of times a day

Ha! No. A lot of people I follow will post often throughout the day with creative updates on their latest projects. Lovely images of sketches, ideas, followed by the finished piece towards the end of the day. A great way to let your followers in to the way you work. My ‘regular’ updates would consist of, “I might have time to do some sketches if the twins nap,’ or ‘I’ve been walking around all day covered in sick.’


  1. Be Personal

A lovely way to reassure people you are not a ‘bot’ is by telling people about your life, not just your work. I’m a reasonably private person, and have nightmares about my children disowning me if I were to record and post pictures of their potty training endeavours or tantrums. I don’t really post pictures of them at all. This means I am not someone to warm to online. I am cold, and I have no heart.


  1. Find ways to market your book without being extremely dull

I have not mastered this. I just remain dull. I can take a photo of one of my books and then post it, but what would I say? “This is my book. You can buy it if you like.” There are great ways to market. Competitions, teasers, um… lots of ways, I’m sure – but as I am so terrible at marketing, I have no idea what these ways are. I just know other people can do it and I can’t.




So I think I have successfully proved I can’t do twitter. Now I ask you all to go forth and carry on being much better at it than me.


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