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Opening Locked Doors – My research process

The last post in our Throwback Week is from Rhian Ivory. Rhian’s new book, Hope, is out on 15th September.


Ten years ago I visited Edinburgh for the first time. I had gone up for the festival and fell deeply in love with the city. I went back again, fell in love some more and regretfully went home. But a voice wouldn’t leave me alone, a lovely soft Scottish burr kept whispering in my ear telling me bits of a story. She turned out to be Isla and I wrote her narrative in a slight Scots dialect because I really wanted anyone who might read the book, if I were ever lucky enough to be published, to hear her voice as I did.
I read lots of non-fiction books about Edinburgh, devoured many novels by Glaswegian James Kelman who captures the Scottish accent so beautifully and looked a lot at my photos of Edinburgh. In all honesty it seemed pretty easy. It didn’t feel like hard work, which is how…

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