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Am I Just a Character?

It’s Throwback Week here on Author Allsorts and we’ve been looking back through some of the very first blogs to share with you again. First up is this great one from Sangu Mandanna.



Because, if you were to ask me (not that you are, but I’m pretending you are), strong characters are not just characters. Not to me. A strong character is a memorable one. A complicated one. A real one.

I don’t mean they’re real in a literal sense. I mean they feel real to you or to me or to anyone else who reads the book they live in. My favourite characters are ones I feel like I know personally. The ones I don’t just wish existed in real life – I actually believe they do exist in real life. (I’m not crazy, I promise.) They feel so utterly real to me that it’s almost impossible to think that they aren’t.

How, then, do you develop characters like these? How do develop them?

(Disclaimer: I feel somewhat presumptuous answering that question, because it’s kind of like I’m all “hey! I write…

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