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Typical? by Sheena Wilkinson

There’s no average writer and no average day. We all know that.

I’m always fascinated by HOW other writers organise their time, and judging by the number of A Day In The Life/My Working Day type articles in the weekend supplements, so are many people. I can’t wait to read the rest of this week’s Author Allsorts posts for the same reason. Readers often ask me, What’s an average day like? and I struggle to reply. Because only two things are the same every day: I mostly work, and I go for a walk. Other than that, there’s a fair amount of variation.


walking — the invariable 



So let’s talk about today. Today is more untypical than usual, because I’m between drafts. I finished a draft of my first adult novel a week ago, and I’m giving it two weeks to mature/fester/cavort or do whatever a set-aside draft does, left to its own devices. Last week I was in Scotland, recording a wee video for Street Song publishers, Ink Road; talking to pupils in a secondary school in Falkirk; putting the final touches to the Scattered Authors’ Society’s summer retreat/conference at Charney Manor, along with my writer pal Lee Weatherly. This week is a sort of catch-up, in between time.


all set for the video 

I’m at my desk. I spend hours at my desk. I say I go there at nine, but it’s generally 9.30. It’s in my study, overlooking the garden of my small house in County Down, and the fields beyond. It’s usually quite neat because I can’t work in mess. Seven crows are attacking the bird feeder outside so it’s quite noisy, but I don’t want to disturb this post by going to find earplugs.


view from the desk

I have a To Do list – lots of things I put off doing while I was working on my draft, and while I was away last week. Some of them are writerly – a couple of opportunities I want to apply for and the page proofs of my next book, Star By Star (yes, I’ve been busy) to check. Others are more administrative – a list of names to compile of the young writers I am taking to Arvon in July, a PowerPoint to prepare for two school visits later in the week; flights to book to Charney. This blog post!

Disappointed, are you? I know. I feel a bit bad. I should be telling you about writing thousands of words. On another day, that’s exactly what I might be doing – well, about 1-2,000 if it’s a first draft. This time next week I will be looking at the printed out draft of that adult novel, and thinking, Where on earth do I start with this? Right now, there’s a low-level anxiety about that moment when I open the document, but luckily it’s being squashed under the many admin tasks on my To Do list.


the throes of editing 

Tomorrow, I expect to be correcting proofs most of the day, apart from that school visit I mentioned. Wednesday ditto. On Thursday I am heading down to Dublin; meeting a reading group in one school; handing out reading awards at another; meeting a professor about teaching a creative writing module at a university; going to a friend’s books launch – the lovely Claire Hennessy if you’re interested. On Friday I suspect that, after all that – Dublin is 100 miles away – I might NOT be at my desk by 9.30.

The fact is, there just isn’t a typical day. And I think that’s typical.

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