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My favourite books from childhood by Kerry Drewery

Growing up, there were books all over the house. I remember my dad’s favourites (Dennis Wheatley) on the shelves, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, and the most wonderful book about the seven wonders of the world, which I’d spend ages pouring over.

There was a toy and bookshop in our village, and when we took our regular walks there, my mum would let me and my brother chose a Ladybird book each.


I love those Ladybird books – The Billy Goats Gruff,  The Gingerbread Boy, The Magic Porridge Pot…


but my favourite was Five Little Kittens.

I still have it now!


The rhyme was a delight to read.

Moving on a few years, I read The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, and then stumbled across The Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown.



I fell in love with it. It was wonderful. I wanted to be one of their gang, and if I couldn’t be, then I wanted to have my own theatre group!

It stayed as one of my favourite books growing up and I still think of it fondly now.

About Kerry – 

Kerry Drewery.JPG

Kerry Drewery lives in Lincolnshire near the sea, in a house filled with books, films and dogs (and a cat who’s in charge of everyone and everything). She’s the writer of A Brighter Fear, A Dream of Lights, and her latest – Cell 7. The sequel to which – Day 7 – is out in June with Hot Key Books. She’s also available as a cake tester and likes to swim in lakes.



3 comments on “My favourite books from childhood by Kerry Drewery

  1. sabrinawrites1
    February 6, 2017

    Oh my god I’m totally having a semi freak out right now [Semi- only because public places will not pemitt full blown dancing lol] the Ladybird books Kerry has chosen are all ones I read as a child and forgotten about, I mean, I must’ve read them 100’s of times…Memories eh, so nice to see them again! Especially The magic porridge pot.

    • kerryldrewery
      February 10, 2017

      ‘Cook, little pot, cook.’ Happy memories!

  2. sabrinawrites1
    February 11, 2017


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