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Writing Distractions

So, it’s a lovely quiet Sunday morning. Perfect for settling down to write my Author Allsorts blog post. The suggested topic for today’s blog post is ‘writing distractions’ and . . . oh, just a sec, my son has just asked me what you call the place at the front of a train where the driver sits. Well, I’ve Googled it and apparently a train driver isn’t called a ‘driver’ because they don’t actually drive the train. According to this website, the correct term is ‘engineer’, but I’m not completely sold on that. I mean, you have to be a discerning internet searcher, right? Maybe I’d better check a couple of other sites to make sure that . . .

Oh look, the guy over the road has just opened his garage door. He’s taken a couple of
metal spikes out of the boot of his car – each one about five feet long. There’s a coil of yellow rope around them and . . .

Hang on. Do you mind waiting a moment? Don’t go away. I’ll be right back.

Sorry about that, my son just came in to show me the 500 words story he has written for his homework. It’s a pretty good one about a train that goes underwater and . . .

Now my wife’s reading the story. Out loud. My son is telling her not to read it out loud because it will disturb me when I’m trying to write but she’s telling him to ‘shush’. Can’t I just get five minutes of . . .

Hold on a second, there’s a guy walking his dog on the grass over the road, and it looks like the dog is seeing to its business. I’d better just check to make sure the owner cleans it up otherwise I’ll go out there and . . .

Sorry, I was a bit side-tracked there; my son came in to ask if he can play on the Playstation now that he’s finished his homework.

So where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about all the . . . no, haven’t got time to finish – that’s my wife calling me to help with lunch.

Writing distractions? I see no writing distractions.


More colourful writing distractions!



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One comment on “Writing Distractions

  1. Tiana
    January 23, 2017

    This post describes how hard it is for me to stay focused to a T. Life is always throwing so many distractions that it is often difficult to concentrate and get things done.

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