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My five heroes Honor Cargill co-author of the Waiting for Callback series


I’m studying Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Uni so I’m familiar with a certain type of hero – the warrior hero. Personally, I’ve got nothing against a brave man in a breastplate but I’m going for five women…

 Well, three mortal women, a literary character and a goddess.  My first pick is Athena. She’s the goddess of intelligence, strategy (i.e. ‘good’ warfare not just random violence), literature and art. Which is quite an extensive brief. She’s sick.

My book character choice has to be Lizzie Bennett.


OK, on one analysis all she did was play hard to get with the richest guy she met but I’m not going to judge her for that given that its basically my life plan. Jks.  But she’s still witty and cool and just the right amount of bitchy.

The Waiting for Callback series is about a young actor, Elektra James so I’m going to pick one hero from that world. I think Emma Watson is awesome.   Successful, wealthy and beautiful, It would have been soeasy for her to hide how clever she is and to sit back down and keep her mouth shut but she hasn’t done that. She had the self-confidence to pause her acting and go and get her degree straight after Harry Potter when she must have had voices (some of them taking a percentage) pressuring her to seize her most marketable moment.  She’s spoken at the UN on feminism (and been trolled for her efforts) – watch her here and she is sane and clever about lots of things.



If Michelle Obama isn’t in every one of the three Author Allsorts pieces on heroes she should be.  I have a massive hero crush on her and could fill pages even before I got on to the effortless fashion stuff (which I very much admire) but all I need to do is post this link to her anti Trump speech in the wake of pussy-grab-gate. It should be compulsory viewing.


Coming full circle to the classical world my fifth and final hero is Mary Beard.  A fierce defender of free speech and intellectual bravery, she’s very cool. Also I watched her easily take down Boris Johnson in a debate. She’s my role model.




Honor Cargill.  The sequel to Waiting for Callback, Take Two is out on 26 January 2017


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