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A Day in the Life of Sarah Baker

I’m awake at 4am, sometimes 5am; 6am if I’m lucky. I have a toddler you see and his preferred method of waking me is by poking me in the eye and gleefully shouting ‘peep-bo eye!’ That’s usually when I have my first cup of tea. Earl Grey. Strong. No milk.




What follows is your typical run-of-the-mill mother and toddler day, filled with demands for dinosaur sandwiches (they like marmite and broccoli, apparently), mini meltdowns when we leave the library (we’re so alike, my boy and I), splashing in puddles (quite possibly the best fun known to mankind) and the usual rounds of play-doh and park. There is also a lot more tea.




If time allows and Grandma’s around to babysit then I fit in a run. It’s not so much for the exercise, though that helps with all the cake; it’s more about thinking time. I’ve learnt that thinking, reading and research time is essential for writing and bizarrely I think best when listening to hip-hop and 80s pop (yes, judge away) while running about the streets of London. Many a plot twist has been solved this way.




Back at home, things usually start to slow down around 6pm with story time on the sofa and then by 7pm my little one is tucked up in bed asleep. That’s when I start work. I fire up the laptop, pop the kettle on, read through notes and off I go…




Currently I’m editing book 2 so that will take priority. When I’ve reached my goal for the evening, I’ll go through notes, answer emails, update my website, draft a blog, drink more tea, maybe eat a biscuit, phone a friend, reply to tweets, eat another biscuit, look at my to-do list for tomorrow, move some of my to-do list to the day after tomorrow, switch off my laptop, pick up a book and fall asleep mid-read.




Busy? Yes… but I wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂


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Sarah Baker has worked extensively in film, with roles at Aardman Features and the Bermuda Film Festival, and as Story Editor at Celador Films. She has also been a writer and blogger for vintage fashion magazines. Sarah currently lives in London with her son. THROUGH THE MIRROR DOOR is her first book, a time-slip novel for 9+ that’s perfect for fans of Emma Carroll, Katherine Rundell and Robin Stevens.




2 comments on “A Day in the Life of Sarah Baker

  1. sarahjnaughton
    January 6, 2017

    Don’t trust that ‘tucked up in bed by 7pm’ thing. It doesn’t last…

  2. Katie Marie
    January 7, 2017

    Dinosaur sandwiches made me laugh, will have to try that lol.

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