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The one thing I couldn’t write without


What’s the one thing I couldn’t write without? Well, that’s obvious. It would have to be my Mac. I mean, I spend all day working on it and— wait. I don’t have to write on my mac; I could use pen and paper. After all, people have been writing stories for far longer than my Mac has been around.

IMG_6857In that case, it must be my creative space. My desk and all the things that inspire me to—nope, not that either. I’m not sitting at my desk right now, and I wasn’t sitting there yesterday when I finished writing my next book. In fact, right now my desk is inaccessible, covered in records and comics ‘n’ stuff, making it impossible to work there. Anyway, I’m a guerrilla writer, stalking from room to room, firing off some words at the kitchen table, surviving a couple of scenes at the dining table, then sneaking into the sitting room to finish a chapter.

‘Fingers?’ my daughter suggests. Well, maybe, but I suppose I could dictate if I really had to..

‘A good editor, then?’ Yeah, but I’d still be able to write.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 09.31.38.pngOkay, so how about . . . oh no, my son has just picked up his electric guitar and started to play ‘Basket Case’ by Green Day. It doesn’t sound the best. He needs to practice a lot more, but he’s getting better every day and I’m proud that he understands the importance of practice.

But now there’s all that noise and I can’t think straight. I’m not even sure what I’ve typed in the last few sentences and I’m going to have to come back and check it later. In fact, I’m going to stop now and sit for a while, wait for him to finish and— hey, that’s it. Peace and quiet. That’s what I can’t write without.



Quiet . . .

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