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The Perfect Place to Plot… (schemes, mostly)

Last September, I moved to Dublin and graduated from writing at my kitchen table to having my very own desk in my very own space. Gone were the interruptions of my brother loudly commentating as he made a sandwich on the hour every hour, the reassuring sound of the kettle boiling, my father arriving home with some sort of giant cookie or outlandish cake (for himself), the neighbour’s cat pawing at the back door, the trees outside peering in the windows, branches tapping against the glass, trying to lure me away.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 23.48.32

In Dublin, I sit at my new desk, my feet resting inside a 150-year-old fireplace, curating anywhere between 1 and 50 random tabs on my laptop as I wait for the lightning bolt to hit. I once spent an afternoon researching bonsai trees for absolutely no reason. It’s quieter here, and sometimes I find myself pining for the times when my brother would interrupt my writing to pitch a new ‘heroic’ protagonist to me – only ever describing himself in great detail.

Because I’m so distractible, I keep my desk as neat as possible. Above me sits a simple row of encouragement – gifts from wonderful author friends lit up by fairy lights.


Around me, mostly empty mugs of coffee. I’ve acquired a collection that I believe represents the four core aspects of my personality. I think, perhaps, I am too proud of the fact I can be summed up in four mugs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 23.48.43

Finally, there’s always some sort of scheme sharing space on my desk – the remnants of a prank, the early stages of an elaborate gift, plans for an upcoming photo-shop project. A half-stuffed piñata hiding underneath the chair, a child’s archery set propped against the side.


Today, the theme is YALC, and the project is Operation: Lucius Malfoy. It’s the perfect place to plot about Dark Marks and snake canes… and maybe write a book in between.


Catherine Doyle was born in the West of Ireland in 1990. She holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in English. As a child she was an annoying smarty-pants with an overactive imagination. She feels lucky to have now found a healthy outlet for her tendency to make up stories. She is the author of VENDETTA and INFERNO. The final instalment in the Blood for Blood Trilogy, MAFIOSA, will be released next January.


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