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Happy Book Birthday to Swashbuckle Lil, The Secret Pirate by Elli Woollard! A review by Emma Pass



Lil has a secret. It’s the reason she tries to catch cod in the school pond; the reason she has a talking parrot hidden in her school bag; the reason she sometimes shouts ‘Ahoy!’ when her teacher, Miss Lubber, calls her name. Yes, Lil is a pirate – a real, live pirate who lives on a ship and fights monsters and sharks at the weekend instead of watching TV.


In The Secret Pirate, a terrible pirate called Stinkbeard turns up at school to kidnap Miss Lubber. Lil tries to warn her teacher, but Miss Lubber doesn’t believe her – in fact, she doesn’t believe in pirates at all! Can Lil save Miss Lubber, or will Stinkbeard get away with his dastardly plan?


In Croc Ahoy! Stinkbeard is back, and this time he’s plotting to sabotage Sports Day with the help of a sharp-toothed reptilian friend. Again, it’s up to Lil to save the day – but will she still be able to take part in Sports Day?


Young readers will love these two stories, with their rollicking plots, rib-tickling rhymes and Lauren Ellen Anderson’s charming pencil illustrations which are full of personality and fun. Perfect for children who have just started to read on their own, or for reading together. What are you waiting for, mateys? Go and grab your copy today! Arrr!


Swashbuckle Lil, The Secret Pirate by Elli Woollard, with illustrations by Lauren Ellen Anderson is out now from Pan Macmillan.

Elli-013Elli Woollard
At the age of four Elli wrote her first picture book, involving her best friend, a tricycle accident, blood everywhere, and the author emerging as the hero. Several years later she completed an MA in social anthropology, moved out to Thailand, taught herself the language, and has since worked variously as a Thai to English translator, a copywriter for a domestic appliance insurance firm (about as interesting as it sounds) and an assistant editor in academic publishing. She now lives in London where she combines writing with freelance translation work, looking after her four children, butchering nice music on the piano and being dictated to by her deranged cat.


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  1. Emma Perry
    May 20, 2016

    Just finished enjoyed Lil and her adventures. I’m in awe of your rhyming ability Elli!

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