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Ten Reasons Not to be a Writer



  1. Whenever you have any free time, you will think, I probably should be writing right now. Even if that free time is at two o’clock in the morning on a weekday.


  1. When you happen to tell anyone that you have written a book and they say, ‘Well, I’ve never heard of it,’ you won’t know how to respond. There will just be awkward silences.


  1. You will be poor except everyone will think that you earn loads of money and it will be extremely annoying.


  1. Well-meaning family and friends will tell you their ‘ideas’ for books and say that you are allowed to use them if you credit them in the acknowledgements. You will want to respond that these ‘ideas’ sound very similar to books you have read and are therefore not unique, but instead you will nod and say, ‘thank you,’ graciously.


  1. People you know will feel that they must tell you their opinion on your book. Even if it is not particularly flattering. You will want to respond that you don’t think their children are that great either, but you will say nothing because you are not as rude as them.


  1. Other people will say, ‘I’m going home right now to watch some TV and catch up with family/friends.’ You will say, ‘I’m going home right now to sit alone in a room staring at a laptop for several hours.’


  1. Some family and friends will pretend that you are not a writer at all. They will insist that it is a ‘hobby’ that you are a little bit too ‘into’.


  1. When you see unrealistic depictions of writers in movies (earning lots of money and looking fabulous) you will want to scream that it is all a farce. It is these people that give writers a bad name. Then you will begin madly googling to find out if this is actually how all writers live and it is just you that is missing out.


  1. On ‘writing days’ you will not get dressed until gone mid-day, if at all.


  1. When someone asks, ‘how is your writing going?’ You will have to resist bursting into tears and wailing that none of it is working out and you are sure that you will never finish this first draft. Instead you will smile and say, ‘great, thank you.’


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Roses bio picRose Mannering
Rose Mannering is an international bestselling author and lifelong book lover. She dreams up dragons, unicorns and curses that last hundreds of years, writing fantasy YA fiction, and on other days, she creates sweet, fun picture books with touching tales and a lot of character. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s posting on her book blog or uploading videos to her book-based Youtube channel. She resides in the UK with twin miniature schnauzers and teetering piles of paperbacks.


2 comments on “Ten Reasons Not to be a Writer

  1. barbarahenderson
    March 7, 2016

    Great post! I particularly identify with No 5!

  2. V. Kathryn Evans
    March 7, 2016

    Ah ha ha ! Laughing my socks off 🙂 Although lord knows why because I SHOULD BE WRITING

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