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Trip Advice: The Western Realm

So you want to travel to The Western Realm, the setting of Roses and Feathers, part of The Tales Trilogy by Rose Mannering? Well, your holiday will be interesting…


Take a Trip to the Western Realm

It’s nicknamed the The Problem Area for a reason! With a Magical Cleansing taking place and an oncoming war, The Western Realm will make a *cough* interesting holiday destination. But prices are low and there’s plenty of exciting sites to see. Just make sure you take out some travel insurance before you leave.

First Stop: The city of Sago in the country of Pervorocco 

Some say the Magical Cleansing that took place several years ago destroyed this capital city… but there’s still plenty to see! Why not have a look around the temples of this seaside city instead? Sure, no one ever goes to them anymore (and many of them aren’t even still standing) but you can always just use your imagination. Or if that does’t take your fancy, stroll down to the docks instead. This destination is hot, hot, hot, so drink up some of that sizzling, cloying heat and watch the war ships breeze in and out of the busy harbour. Best not hang around for too long though.

Second Stop: The Hillands in the country of Pervorocco

Maybe that busy city life just isn’t for you – why not retreat to the green hills instead? The Hillands are full of waterfalls, luscious mountains and dark forests. The villages here are small and remote, but friendly; seeped in tradition and ancient custom. The Hillands are for those who want some tranquility… although perhaps you should get your visit in quick, before these peaceful villagers are forced to wage war on the capital! Don’t say you were’t warned.

Third Stop: The Wild Lands

Woah there! This destination is only for the very brave and adventurous. This is unchartered territory full of all sorts of Magic Beasts and Magic Beings. No one knows what creatures live in the Wild Lands and no one knows what the terrain or weather is like either. This is a large expanse of wilderness for you to explore – just make sure you can find your way back.

Fourth Stop: Holli, an island belonging to the Scarlet Isles

Perhaps you’re looking for something very remote – why not try the island of Holli, part of the Scarlet Isles? This island is mostly mountainous and home to a series of temples nestled in the craggy peaks. Come and witness the lives of the orders that live there: the red-cloaked Kins (male) and Kinesses (female). See the cultivated valleys full of sheep, yaks and the odd, unwelcome mountain wolf. Climb the steep passes and catch a glimpse of the amazing views of the mountains peaks – some so high that they’re iced in snow! But watch out for the soldiers that have recently decided on these temples from the main island. They’ve brought fear and violence, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving any time soon.


Whichever destination you pick, it seems like you’re going to have an interesting trip… maybe you should just wait and visit these locations through the safe pages of the second instalment of The Tales Trilogy, Feathers, out Summer 2016, instead? That way you can have a cup of tea and a biscuit at the same time too. It’s the perfect way to travel.

Roses bio picRose Mannering
Rose Mannering is an international bestselling author and lifelong book lover. She dreams up dragons, unicorns and curses that last hundreds of years, writing fantasy YA fiction. And she creates sweet, fun picture books with touching tales and a lot of character. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s posting on her book blog or uploading videos to her book-based Youtube channel. She resides in the UK with twin miniature schnauzers and teetering piles of paperbacks.



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