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Not many words this time. I want to show you some places from my 1916 novel, Name Upon Name. I had fun tracking them down, and I hope you like seeing them.

Helen thinks she'd like to go to college one day.‘It’s 1916. Lots of girls go to college now.’

And if Helen does go to college, it’s likely that she’ll go here, to Queen’s, Belfast.

Belfast City Hall -- a grand new building in Helen's time.

Belfast City Hall — where Helen’s father signed the Ulster Covenant in 1912.Helen’s house would have looked much like this. Belfast was — and in many parts still is — a city of redbrick terraces.

The very different view from Michael's house in the country.

The very different view from Michael’s house by the Mourne Mountains. 


‘I told you there was a big push coming?’

The Lagan bank near Belfast, where Michael tells Helen his terrible secret. The Lagan banks, where Michael tells Helen the terrible secret of what he did in Dublin.

Helen hated sharing Nora's sagging bed. Helen hated sharing Nora’s saggy, sweat-smelling bed.

'But that wasn't the war i signed up for!'

‘But that wasn’t the war Isigned up for!’

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