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An Inspiring Place to Write by Eve Ainsworth

To be honest, I’m not an author who is particularly inspired by places. I normally write in the same place every day, an over-crowded desk, cluttered with books, pens and sweet wrappers – usually with the soft drone of Eighties music playing in the background.

I’m inspired by unusual things – a dirty, dilapidated building that I pass on the bus, a strange conversation in the newsagent, a teenager sulking past me – shouting down her phone, a discarded shoe in the gutter. The place doesn’t really matter. I write wherever and whenever I can – stealing moments and grabbing precious minutes.

I haven’t attended a writer’s retreat (though I do quite like the idea) and I haven’t got a special place to go when I need new ideas. My desk seems to work quite well, and my frazzled, full-up brain, always seems to be able to produce something. In the end.

But this all changed last year. I’d had a difficult year. I’d suffered a very close bereavement and suddenly inspiration seemed to have left me. I felt like I was walking down a gloomy, barely lit tunnel. I struggled to think of exciting ideas, alone write them. I was worried things would never be the same.

Finally, exhausted and defeated I went on holiday – to the most beautiful cottage in Cornwall. It was remote, peaceful and unfamiliar. I laid myself out on the hammock, strung from the trees and could finally feel my body relax, my mind unwind – with it came images, disjointed scenes, words – as naturally as my breathing.

As I watched my daughter squeal with laughter as she swung from the highest swing I’d ever seen – my motivation returned. I wanted to write, I had to.

I returned home, to my cluttered, filthy desk and wrote book two. It flowed wonderfully.

I’d like to think that I was at a point in my writing career when I needed remoteness, stillness and calm. I needed something new and fresh.

I needed to be inspired.

Eve Ainsworth

23Eve Ainsworth
Eve Ainsworth’s debut YA novel, 7 Days, is a contemporary dual narrative novel focused on bullying and was published by Scholastic in Feb 2015. A second contemporary novel will be published in 2016. Eve works in a large secondary school, as a Child Protection Officer, whilst also concentrating on her writing. Eve has had competition success with her short stories, most recently in Prima and Writer’s Forum. A short story has also been published in The Weekly News. Her previous Young Adult novel, The Art of Kissing Frogs, was shortlisted for the Greenhouse Funny Prize (June 2012). She lives with her husband and two slightly nutty children in Crawley, West Sussex.


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