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An Ode to Pyjamas by Elli Woollard

My job is quite jammy (quite jim-jammy jammy);

I don’t have to shop for posh dresses.

I don’t need to care if I’ve not brushed my hair,

Or my clothes have big coffee-stain messes.

I’ve no need for silk or for stuff of that ilk,

Or for clothes made of wool from rare llamas.

I can dress like a slob when I’m doing my job,

As writers all live in pyjamas.

It looks like I’m shirking, but really I’m working;

I’m writing my bestselling book.

My deadline’s next week; I’m too busy to speak

So I don’t give a shit how I look.

I don’t simply fritter my free time on Twitter

Or watch lots of crap TV dramas.

So give me some credit (while I do my edits),

As writers all live in pyjamas.

Clothes by designers will never be finer

Than comfy old PJs, you know.

And though I’ll sell billions and make several millions;

There’s no chance my jim-jams will go.

I’ll win an award (with enough to afford

A nice trip to the sunny Bahamas),

But I won’t wear disguise when I pick up the prize;

I’ll proudly show up in pyjamas.


At the age of four Elli wrote her first picture book, involving her best friend, a tricycle accident, blood everywhere, and the author emerging as the hero. Several years later she completed an MA in social anthropology, moved out to Thailand, taught herself the language, and has since worked variously as a Thai to English translator, a copywriter for a domestic appliance insurance firm (about as interesting as it sounds) and an assistant editor in academic publishing. She now lives in London where she combines writing with freelance translation work, looking after her four children, butchering nice music on the piano and being dictated to by her deranged cat.


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