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Happy Book Birthday to Ged Adamson and MEET THE MCKAWS!

Meet the McKaws by Ged Adamson


Captain Stan and Tiny McKaw are rough-and-tumble pirates. Whether it’s searching for treasure or battling on the high seas, this adventurous duo is up for anything. But then Tiny’s parents come to visit. Suddenly, the big pirate ship starts to feel very small. Mrs. McKaw is always nagging—even in her sleep! Mr. McKaw insists on telling endless stories. And they both make the cook cry when they insult his food! After they stick Tiny in a very un-pirate-like suit and tie, Captain Stan has had enough. “Get off my ship!” he orders. Only moments later, though, a massive storm envelops the boat. Will the McKaws forgive Stan’s outburst and help to save the ship and crew?

From writer/illustrator Ged Adamson (Elsie Clarke and the Vampire Hairdresser) comes this hilarious story of family and forgiveness. Adamson’s familiar humor makes Meet the McKaws a riot for everyone who has ever dealt with the trials of family. Accompanied by playful illustrations and bursting with color, this story is a reminder that while no family is perfect, a family’s love is irreplaceable.

Kate Louise: Hi Ged! Congratulations on the release of Meet the McKaws! Can you tell us a little about the book?
Ged Adamson: Thanks Kate! Meet The McKaws is about a pirate parrot’s mum and dad. They come to visit their son on board the pirate ship and immediately cause trouble. Mrs McKaw is bossy and rude. Mr McKaw is downright uncouth and has a habit telling long, boring and embellished stories. Stan, the captain of the ship, finally snaps.

KL: On the release of your first picture book, Elsie Clarke and the Vampire Hairdresser, I interviewed you on the day and asked how it felt knowing it was out in the world. You said it was weird in a good way! How do things feel second time around?
GA: I’m really pleased to have a second book out and I’m very grateful to Skyhorse for taking it on. I feel things are going in the right direction. It feels like a long time ago that I finished Meet The McKaws and a lot has happened since then.

KL: How does the visual style of this book differ from Elsie Clarke and the Vampire Hairdresser?
GA: It’s a bit softer- in a good way. I now use pencil rather than pen. And I also use inks for colour. I keep playing around with my style but I’m starting to feel a lot happier with how my stuff looks.

KL: What came first, the images or the text?
GA: The idea came first but then I went straight to working out how the characters and everything would look. So it was actually neither. I have an idea then I imagine what the first few pages will do- then I go from there.

KL: What’s next for you?
GA: I have a book coming out with Random House called Douglas Needs Glasses. I’m putting the finishing touches to that. I’m also working on a couple of other ideas that I’m very excited about.

KL: And to wrap up, can we end with a quote from Meet the McKaws?

Thanks, Ged! Can’t wait to read 🙂

Ged AdamsonGed Adamson
Ged Adamson is a children’s writer and illustrator. His cartoons have been published in magazines, in books and appeared on film and TV. He’s been a storyboard artist and a caricaturist. Big influences on his work are Quentin Blake, Ronald Searle and James Gillray. He also works as a music composer.
He’s a London history enthusiast. He lives in Greenwich with his partner Helen and their son Rex. His first picture book, Elsie Clarke And The Vampire Hairdresser is published by Sky Pony Press. His second, Meet The McKaws, is out in 2014.

1uvrCDzk_400x400Kate Louise
Kate Louise is picture book author of THE UPSIDE-DOWN FISH, PIERRE THE FRENCH BULLDOG RECYCLES, and TOUGH COOKIE. She lives in the UK with her family, her partner, and a cocker spaniel called Freddie. She graduated from university with a first class degree in Fine Art Painting. It was during this course that Kate rediscovered her love of reading, prompting her to try a new creative angle and experiment with writing. Kate is also a member of an online group of published writers and illustrators called Author Allsorts. And she writes YA as Kate Ormand. Kate is represented by Isabel Atherton at Creative Authors Ltd.

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