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It Takes Two (especially when beards are involved)

Sometimes you need a little someone to cheer you up when you feel down, or make you feel stupid when you’re taking yourself too seriously. Sometimes you need two little someones. Meet my writing mascots, Boo and Delilah.


“She’s getting more strokes than me.”

Boo and Delilah are a sister double act who couldn’t be more different from one another. A lot like real sisters, actually (or in my experience anyway). If you were to be so unfortunate as to meet these two pooches, Delilah would be all over you like a rash; you’d have a beard in your face and muddy paw prints all over your clothes before she rushed away onto the next person. Then about ten minutes later, along would come Boo at a slow plod. She might see you standing there, she might not. If she does, she’ll greet you with a gentle lick and (most likely) a soaked beard, before curling up at your feet and staying there as long as you’ll let her.

Boo gives Delilah the death stare.

Boo gives Delilah the death stare.

Like most sisters, these guys don’t always get along. Especially where hugs are involved. If I happen to stop typing for a moment to pet the head of one, I can absolutely guarantee that the other will be along shortly, looking for their share. And if they don’t get the right amount of petting, then they get very cross.

Nice mowhauk

Nice mohawk Delilah.

But I really don’t know where I would be without these guys. When I’m stuck home alone and writing by myself then these critters keep me sane. They make me laugh with their distinct personalities, and they drive me crazy with their naughtiness. When I’m stuck on a bit of writing, I can give these guys a hug and nothing seems so bad anymore.

"A book about my beard sounds like a great idea."

“A book about my beard sounds like a great idea.”

These pups have even inspired me to write a story about them. BOO’S BEARD is a picture book with illustrator Bethany Straker (one of our wonderful Allsorts members) that will be released autumn 2015 and it’s all about beards! Well, actually it’s about more than beards, but the beards are very central, I promise. Where would I have gotten such an idea without my trusty little bearded friends?

D's having a bad beard day in this one.

Delilah’s having a bad beard day in this one.

Without these guys me, my life and my writing just wouldn’t be the same.


These guys are my beard babies.


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