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A Writer’s Guide to Procrastination by Liz de Jager

I am the queen of procrastination when it comes down to sitting down and writing, especially on weekends. See, I work full time during the week and I manage to get snippets of writing done twenty minutes before work, for forty minutes during lunch and then an hour or two if I’m lucky in the evenings once I get home. So weekends are sacred and that’s when I’m supposed to write. But sometimes, just sometimes the brain refuses to engage to I do some creative procrastination. 


  • Twitter. Okay, I am the queen of twitter. I tweet A LOT. I talk nonsense. I love it. Find me @LizUK.
  • FB – I hardly FB because it doesn’t feel as immediate but that doesn’t stop me from trying to figure out their stupid algorithms.
  • Holy smokes! I can’t possibly write a single word until I’ve cleaned the kitchen and made myself a decent mug of tea? No normal person can live like this. Also: tea!!!  IMG_1423
  • Oh no, it’s almost 11a.m. and the dog’s not been for his second walk yet. Better get on that. Stays out until the dog starts whining about going back home.
  • What is that, husband? We need to go do shopping for chilli seeds to bed in for winter? (or whatever as I know nothing about gardening). I shall go with you because I totes know all the things about plants. And stuff.
  • Oh my god, this DVD just turned up and it’s got supernatural elements in it and I MUST watch it because it’s research.
  • Oh my god, this DVD just turned up and it’s got relationship stuff in it and I MUST watch it because it’s research.
  • Looks at research books on the landing. I need to organise these completely. That means:
  • Holy smokes the bookcases downstairs are such a mess, I need to organise them. Preferably by colour. And possibly genre? I don’t know. But it must be done IMMEDIATELY. It is imperative that these eight bookcases need to be tidy so I can write. Yes. This.IMG_0092
  • OH MY GOD I made such a mess in the dining room tidying the bookcases I can’t find my notebooks. Or my laptop. Did I throw them out? Oh god oh god oh god. Queue me running around frantically looking at the newly repacked shelves as they make even less sense than before. Until my husband comes in and holds them up for me to see: you mean these? OMAG I love you so much. Which leads to:
  • I love you so much I am cooking you an elaborate meal. I’ll be back in two hours cos I have to go shop for All The Ingredients Ever.
  • At the supermarket, gets distracted by books and magazines and dvds and PS3 games. Comes back to the house with hot dogs for dinner and LEGO sets for ‘husband’.1496652_10203599471893138_753978449_n
  • Gives LEGO to husband. Fires up PS3: later, suckers! Plays NEED FOR SPEED till 3a.m. until neighbours bang on the wall cos I’m singing along to Linkin Park too loudly. Realises the time goes: oh crud, tomorrow I’ll write.
  • Wake up, makes breakfast. Has second breakfast. Uch, I feel sick. I think I’m coming down with something. *snivels pathetically* Falls asleep on couch till five pm. Jumps up: holy smokes I just figured out the plot! Finds laptop, puts on playlist: sits down and ignores the world till 1a.m. before crawling into bed, exhausted yet happy.Buttons


Liz de Jager

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Liz grew up in South Africa and is the youngest of six kids. In the year 2000 (AD) she moved to the UK with her husband and they now live in Kent with their Jack Russell, Sparrow. Liz ran My Favourite Books book blog for several years and wrote articles and reviews for other online sites about comics, movies and best writerly coffee shops in London. During the day Liz is an executive assistant in London, but her mind is always busy with writerly thoughts and how to get her characters into deep(er) trouble. Her debut in the Blackhart Legacy trilogy will be out in Spring 2014.


  • BANISHED (Tor UK, February 2014)
  • VOWED (Tor UK, November 2014)

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“From the very first chapter I was completely engrossed in Kit’s story.” — Vivienne (Serendipity Reviews)

“I tend to either love or hate fantasy books, and Banished definitely fell in the ‘love’ camp.” — Kendra Leighton, author of Glimpse

“A blend of Maggie Stiefvater’s Lament, with the intensity and passion of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments, you really need to watch out for this trilogy.” — Lucy (Queen of Contemporary)

“Pacy, vivid and utterly badass, this was a real joy to read. Like a finely crafted TV show in book form – a buzz from start to finish!” — Robin Stevens, author of Murder Most Unladylike


About Liz

Liz de Jager drinks too much tea, has too many notebooks and books crammed on her bookshelves. She is owned by a Jack Russell called Sparrow. Her website is:

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  1. stayathomemumof4
    June 30, 2014

    Excellent post, very true to life for most writers, I would imagine. Made me laugh and feel better about my own tendency to procrastinate. Love your bookcases 🙂

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