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If GLIMPSE were a Movie: Dream Cast by Kendra Leighton

Glimpse Kendra Leighton


Who doesn’t dream of their book being turned into a film? (A high-budget, brilliantly written and acted film, obviously. I wouldn’t say no to being Suzanne Collins.)

With just one day to go until Glimpse is released (one day!), I’ve had lots of fun choosing my dream cast. Here they are…





Liz — Jena Malone

Jena Malone

Liz is Glimpse‘s main character. She’s seventeen, has curly black hair, is attractive but not too obviously so, and has a penchant for vintage clothes. Character-wise, she veers from frightened and quirky to strong and self-confident.

If I could take Jena Malone back in a time-machine a few years, she’d be ideal to play Liz. Jena played a wonderfully-awkward teen in ‘Donnie Darko’, and was strong and feisty in ‘Catching Fire’, and I think she’d be great.



Zachary — Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth

Zachary’s role in Glimpse is hard to describe without spoilers! Physically, he has red-gold messy hair, green eyes, numerous scars, and looks like he’d be good in a fight. Character-wise, he’s a bit of an enigma at first — is he a helpful good guy, or a manipulative baddie?

Douglas Booth fits Zachary’s appearance almost perfectly. Though I haven’t seen him in any films, a browse on YouTube (poor me —such hard work!) proves he’s great at both romantic smouldering and action scenes. (Maybe I should just go back and double-check…ahem…)



Scott — Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes as Scott

Liz meets Scott on her first day at her new school, and is very unsure what to make of him. He hangs with the wrong crowd, and no-one seems to like him much — Liz included. With his blond spiky hair and eyebrow piercing, Scott works hard on his appearance, and swaggers around school with a defensive arrogance.

Colton Haynes — you look the part, and played ambiguous and unlikeable so well in ‘Teen Wolf’ — welcome to your new role as Scott.



Susie — Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman

Susie is Liz’s first friend at her new school. Appearance-wise, Susie’s a goth with black hair and a red fringe, and lots of dramatic outfits. Susie’s comfortable in her own skin, not afraid of public displays of affection with her boyfriend, and loves the idea of ghosts and the paranormal.

Mae Whitman would fit the bill nicely as Susie. All she’d need is a bit of black and red dye in her ‘do, a smile on her face, and she’d be away.



Ann — Isabelle Fuhrman

Isabelle Fuhrman

Ann is another character it’s hard to describe without spoilers! Eighteen-year-old Ann is petite with brown ringlets and a pretty brown dress, but is not at all sweet and girly.

Isabelle Fuhrman looks like she can be charming but also scary (she played Clove in ‘The Hunger Games’), and with the right outfit she’d be great as Ann.



Liz’s dad — Greg Kinnear

Greg KinnearAh, Liz’s dad. He’s not the happiest of people at the start of Glimpse, tending to mope, sleep a lot, watch too much TV, and live on microwave meals. He had interests and a good job once, but has let things slide.

Greg Kinnear did a great job of a similar character in ‘Stuck in Love’, and since he looks the part too, he wins the role.



Crowley — Mark Addy

Mark AddyCrowley is the caretaker of ‘The Highwayman Inn’, Liz’s new home. A little scruffy and overweight, he seems like a decent enough guy, though he spends more time around the inn than Liz would like. As the plot advances, Liz starts to think there might be more to Crowley’s motivations than a desire to keep the garden tidy.

Mark Addy’s played a lot of nice-guy roles, but has had his fair share of not-so-nice-guy parts too, and I think he’d be able to balance the role perfectly.


There you have it! I’m all excited to see the film now. (What do you mean it’s not real…?)



Kendra LeightonAbout Kendra

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Kendra Leighton is a YA author represented by Lutyens & Rubinstein Literary Agency. Glimpse, her debut novel, was inspired by Alfred Noyes’ poem ‘The Highwayman’. It will be published on June 19th by Much-in-Little, an imprint of Constable & Robinson.

Kendra has a BA in English Literature from Durham University and a PGCE from Cambridge. She taught English in China and Spain, before returning to the UK to teach in middle schools. She discovered her love for YA fiction while browsing in school libraries.

In 2008, Kendra left teaching to start a raw chocolate company in Cambridge. These days, when she’s not making chocolate, she can usually be found writing, reading, taste-testing chocolate (far more than necessary), or trying to steal other people’s cats.

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  2. orthodoxmom3
    June 18, 2014

    I’ve been waiting for this but forgot when it was to be released! I’ll be headed to the bookstores soon! 🙂 I even mentioned it in a couple posts including this one:


  3. kendraleighton
    June 18, 2014

    Thanks so much! That’s so nice to hear.

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