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Sketchbook Pages by Ian Beck

I was never a proper and assiduous keeper of the sketchbook like proper artists are meant to. As an art student, in the far off 1960s, when sketchbooks were required for marking I often faked them after the event. I worked backwards from the finished piece and forged an earlier and mostly non existent nascent state of the piece in question. This was in order to demonstrate what American students later referred to in all seriousness as their, ‘ideation’. My forays into the sketchbook world have been patchy and intermittent. I do have several rather classy ones full of nice heavy watercolour paper which are often a joy to draw in. I have planned several of my picture books in sketchbooks but by no means all. I am just as likely to plan them out on scruffy layout or typo detail pads as on the heavyweight stuff.

I planned my version of Edward Lear’s Owl & the Pussy-Cat mostly in a sketchbook using watercolours. I had thought that I might make the pea green boat into a steam launch with a cute funnel. This idea did not survive much beyond the first editorial meeting. It lives on though in the sketchbook.

owl and P 2

owl and p 3

Owl and P 5

I was teaching in America in the late 1980s when planning a book of lullabies, and I used a watercolour sketchbook for the quite elaborate roughs.

lullaby 2

lullaby v 2


One comment on “Sketchbook Pages by Ian Beck

  1. kateormand
    April 23, 2014

    Wonderful to see.

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