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Do you know how it’s going to end?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: well… it depends.

I’m a leap of faith-er. Let me explain.

I’ve found, with pretty much every story I’ve written so far, that if I thought of an ending at the beginning, before I’m somewhere deep inside the murky depths of storyland, it’ll invariably change on me. My carefully prescribed journey shrugs me off, as if to say “FOOL. YOU THINK YOU CAN CONTROL ME. BWA HA.” (my Journey sounds a lot like Brian Blessed).

If I force it, it won’t come. Or it’ll come in the wrong shape.

It’s only halfway through that it hits me, and usually all at once. I get that flushed feeling, that “Ho, this is good” feeling that keeps writers buoyant through the dark times. But I have to wait for it. If I force it before it’s ready… it won’t come.

Much like Indie, I have to survey the unknown landscape of the story.

Stick my leg out, without knowing where the hell it will land.

And take a leap of faith that I will, at some point, find the right way. That, like the sudden click where you see the bridge in The Last Crusade, all will be revealed. And the ending will have been there all along, waiting for me to find it.



It will be there. All you have to do (!!!) is trust.

About Laure Eve

Author of YA fantasy FEARSOME DREAMER, published by Hot Key Books on October 3rd 2013


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